How to Use Accent and Side Tables In Your Home June 19, 2015 11:01

Accent tables and side tables can be an afterthought when it comes to home decor. They are often small and other decor can quickly become the priority, but, side tables are an important part of home decor. Each element of home decor should be carefully thought out because even small pieces can make a big impact. The right accent table or side table can completely change the feel of the room, add interest and be handy as well.

An accent table or side table is usually placed near a chair or sofa but can be used in other areas as well. An accent table, first and foremost, can be used for its basic utilitarian purpose – to hold things. An accent table or side table can hold a lamp, books or magazines, a tray, a cup or plate, a candle, a picture frame, a dish for keys and so much more. An accent table can be a simple pedestal with a single surface but that is only the beginning. Large or small, robust in design or minimalist, wood, metal, mirrored, other materials, rustic, transitional, traditional, the possibilities are truly endless. The accent table or side table you choose will serve to offset the rest of your decor, layer the room’s overall decor, enhance and elevate the look of the room and still remain a functional piece as well. The best kind of furniture is the kind that is both stylish and practical and that is exactly what a side table or accent table is.

Some may wonder, do all accent tables need to match? For instance, should a coffee table match a side table or sofa table? No! Even if you do not have an “eclectic” or “bohemian” decor aesthetic in your home you do not need to perfectly match all of your decor. Perfectly matched decor makes a room feel more like showroom floor than a home and completely lacks personality. Layer pieces that coordinate and accentuate each other so that everything goes together without matching. If a sofa is particularly large or small, choose a side table or accent table that is appropriate but does not compete. For instance, a beautiful high back armchair may look better with a more simple side table next to it so that the two do not distract from each other but rather, elevate each other. Consider the use of the room when choosing a side or accent table as well. If the room is used by a lot of children you may want a side or accent table with extra storage for things like toys. If the room is used a lot for entertaining you may want to choose a material that is ideal for placing a glass on without risking permanent rings. If a room is primarily used as a showpiece or by adults something with glass or that is more delicate may be ideal. Lastly, do not be afraid to be bold or take a risk. A side or accent table is a great opportunity to do something interesting in the room because, should you decide you no longer like it, it is easy to change.   Be bold, take a chance with style, try something unique that suits your personality and decor style, consider the rest of the furniture and the use of the room so that you choose the perfect accent or side table for your home.

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