How to Choose the Right Frame for a Photo May 11, 2015 05:00


Beautiful artwork, a favorite candid family photo or a formal portrait all deserve to be framed and hung on a wall.  Treasured possessions or memories should not be left on a camera’s memory card or filed away in a drawer, they should be beautifully displayed.  When looking at frames in which to place your artwork or photographs you will quickly realize that there are many, many options.  Faced with endless possibilities, how do you decide just what frame is right for displaying a particular photograph or piece of art?  Certainly many frames will get the job done, but what frame will display it as it should be seen, what frame will truly make an impact?

When considering frames, there are a variety of materials and a variety of design styles to suit any home decor style.  Traditional, modern, transitional, wood, metal, mixed materials, simple, bold – there are many options.  Certain things demand a bold frame while others are able to shine better with simplicity.  First thing is first, think about what exactly you are framing.  If you are framing a modern artwork you certainly do not want a rustic frame.  A traditional or transitional style frame works well for both traditional artwork and modern artwork.  When it comes to photographs, they can look good in almost any style frame that suits your house.  The frame should not overpower what is being displayed so consider that when choosing.  If it is a simple photograph or piece of art, sometimes it is best displayed with a more simple frame that has clean lines.  When choosing the size of the frame you can opt for a frame that fits the size of the artwork or print exactly or you could opt for something larger with matting.  To determine what size is best you need to consider both the photograph or artwork as well as the size and scale of the room.  If a room has high ceilings and is a big and expansive open space, a tiny frame may look strange and out of place.  Choose a frame that feels right for the scale of the room and the artwork to achieve the ideal look.  lastly, you need to consider how you will display the framed photograph or artwork in the room.  Where will it be placed and how?  Will it be alone or in a grouping of artwork and/or photographs?  If it is standing alone, you may want the frame to make more of a statement but if it is in a group you will want the frames to coordinate somewhat and not overpower each other.  By considering all of these things it will be much easier to choose the right frame for your artwork or photograph that will perfectly display it for you and your guests to enjoy.

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