How to Choose Vases for Your Home May 1, 2015 05:00

Flowers can be displayed in just about any vase that will hold water and contain flowers.  But, a vase can be a piece of decor in your home whether or not you are displaying flowers.  There are many ornate and traditional vases but today there are also many other styles to choose from.  A vase can be fancy, formal and large to display opulent bouquets or it can be small, simple and understated for a sleek and modern look.  Whether you love to decorate with fancy antiques or more transitional items for a different style of decor, there is always an occasion to display a beautiful vase.

A vase can serve as a centerpiece or as an addition to a side end or coffee table.  It can sit on a nightstand, bathroom counter, or table in an entryway.  When you invest in a vase that suits your personal design aesthetic, the possibilities for display are endless. The vase you choose will be based on a few different factors and you may want a few different vase styles for different purposes.  A traditional wide-mouthed vase is lovely but is used to accommodate large bouquets so if you are not displaying a large amount of flowers it may look strange.  Rather than having to have large expensive arrangements, opt for a vase that is wider at the bottom and narrows at the top or narrows in the middle with a slight flare at the top.  This will allow you to make a beautiful, full arrangement in your vase without needing a ton of flowers.  A big, tall vase will often demand a large arrangement with long stem flowers but if you prefer a smaller, more simple arrangement or simply like a clean modern look a shorter vase will suit your needs much better.  A large vase will make an incredible statement when filled with lovely flowers and a small vase is easy to quickly fill for a fast pop of color wherever you need it.  Many floral experts also recommend choosing an opaque vase for people who like low maintenance floral arrangements.  A glass vase is beautiful but you have to make sure to regularly change the water so it does not look murky which will detract from the beauty of the arrangement.  Additionally, many glass vases would look better with the stems covered in some way by leaves, stones or something else but this can be more of a commitment than many people want.  For a vase that will look good whether it is filled with flowers or not, choose an opaque vase.  When choosing a vase it should not overpower the flowers.  If you love an intricately patterned vase or one with a bold pattern it may be best to display that on a shelf or table all by itself and stick to other vases for when you are displaying flowers.  Because there are so many ways to use vases, for so many occasions, it is wise to acquire a selection of vase sizes, colors and styles to suit your ever changing needs.

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