3 Uses for Decorative Trays April 24, 2015 05:00

When you walk through the aisles of a store and see decorative trays you may think they look nice but, how would you really use them?  Decorative trays can be ornate and formal, shabby chic or country style, rustic, traditional, or modern.  A decorative tray adds another layer of design interest to any room.  Could you live without a decorative tray? Sure.  But it is exactly the stylish decorative choices you make, such as a decorative tray, that will truly elevate your decor to a level it would not have been otherwise.  There are trays to suit any home decor style but rather than simply displaying your trays on a shelf, there are many interesting, unique and practical ways to use your decorative trays.  Below we list 3 ways to use your decorative trays in your home.

  1. For Entertaining Guests
    • While a decorative tray will look great simply sitting on a table or shelf looking nice, it has a very practical purpose – serving. A decorative tray is a great tool when entertaining guests.  Rather than placing appetizers or drinks on a table, you can carry them around to guests.  Or, place dishes of appetizers or nuts in the tray and place it on an ottoman so that guests can sit, converse and snack.  A bowl of nuts on a table will look fine but when placed on a unique decorative tray with some napkins and a bud vase with a flower in it will enhance the experience for your guests and really wow them.
  2. To Display Items In a Living or Family Room
    • When using your decorative tray to display other items in shared spaces such as a living room or family room, they key to making it more than just a place to stack things is to layer what you are displaying. If you just put a single stack of books on a tray it will not be very interesting but if you place a small stack of books, or just a single book along with a candle, another interesting piece of decor, a small vase of flowers and a photograph in a stylish frame all of the items together will creative visual interest and make for a lovely display.  All of these items in  beautiful decorative tray placed on a coffee table, end table or ottoman serve as a piece of decor for the home while organizing things that are important to you as well.
  3. For Bathroom Display and Organization
    • When you think or decorative trays the first thing that comes to mind is probably nt how you will use them in the bathroom but it is actually a great use for decorative trays. Just think of all the small things in a bathroom you could place on a decorative tray such as a perfume bottle, lotion bottle, bath products, small dish with jewelry, a dish of guest soaps, a magazine or book, a hand towel, a candle and so much more.  Rather than having all of those things laying all over the bathroom in a haphazard way, a decorative tray is a great way to not only organize them but display them in a beautiful way for you and your guests.

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