How to Use Decorative Jars and Bottles In Your Home April 21, 2015 05:00

Creating an interesting, beautiful and unique home is all about creatively using decor to make a space your own.  Different colors of glass, illuminated by light, makes a stunning, eye-catching detail in a room.  Glass jars, such as perfume bottles or bottles with stoppers make an elegant and intriguing addition to home decor.  You have probably seen the way a wine bottle or an empty perfume bottle catches the light and projects its colored glass hue into the room.  But, you do not need to empty out your perfume bottle or drink a bottle of wine and peel labels off to achieve this effect.  In fact, there are many different bottles and jars that are not only pretty or interesting but could truly serve as a conversation topic when you have guests over to your home.

There are many ways you can use jars or bottles in your home.  Whether they are glass or ceramic, antique or modern – jars and bottles can blend seamlessly with any home decor.  When you layer multiple home decor elements in a grouping it creates design appeal for the eye and makes your room far more interesting than it would have been otherwise.  Jars and bottles can be grouped together with each other or with other items on a table to create a centerpiece.  This can simply sit on the table on a daily basis or be created and gathered for an occasion with other things like candles  or flowers if you want to create a more “special” look when having guests over.  Additionally, you could display glass bottles or jars in a bathroom on the counter or around a tub.  Often, bottles and jars add a look of serenity and beauty which is exactly what you want to achieve in a spa-like bathroom setting.  Many glass jars and bottles can also be used to contain things and in a bathroom they could hold things like soaps, cotton bottles, Q-tips, or anything else you could possibly need to organize but you would do so in a stylish way with decorative glass jars and bottles.  Because glass jars and bottles are not only decorative but good for containing things, they make a great addition to any kitchen as well.  Use them to organize things like cookies, candies, pasta, beans, rice or any other food items.  They could all be contained in plastic Tupperware but why not store them in something beautiful that you will enjoy looking at and that will look nice for guests as well.  Decorative jars and bottles are designed in every style and size to coordinate with any home decor and fit any homeowners needs so that you can add both beauty and function to your home.

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