6 Tips For Designing Your Bedroom April 7, 2015 15:59

Here are a few things to think about when designing your bedroom..the lighting, layout, and much more for a bedroom that fits your needs. Here are Fratantoni Lifestyles we dedicate our time to helping our customer’s dream room become reality. We have a free interior design consultation on all furniture selections and are ready to give you the tips and ideas you need!

1. Focus on the view


Don’t you ever feel like it’s a sigh of relief when you walk into a room and experience a pleasant view coming from a window?  If you are remodeling or designing a room for the first time, try and focus on the view. Whether it’s backyard, a lake, or an breathtaking ocean. Anything will suffice.

2. Keep your privacy in mind


Your privacy is important. It’s always a good thing if you can leave your door open without forsaking all of your privacy. When setting up your layout, trying avoiding one where you can see your bedroom from a kitchen, great room, or a family room.

3. Connect with nature


If you have or love french doors in a bedroom, this is a good option for you. Although this might not be practical with most climates, connecting a room with nature/outdoors is a good way to let in natural light as well as making a room appear larger.

4. Consider your furniture layout


There is always a wall for your bed, but what about everything else. Like nightstands, dressers, TV’s, and chairs. Work with a designer to make sure there is enough space in your bedroom for all your furniture. Also, to make sure you get the right circulation and you are able to access all 3 sides of your bed.

5. Increase light and ventilation


Locating a bedroom in a corner of a home gives your bedroom the opportunity to have more windows, which increases lighting and ventilation. This will give you a more voter neutral light.

6. Most importantly, take your time


You want your room to look perfect, so take your time with it. Great designs take time.  It’s worth having a more efficient and functional plan in the end. Sometimes when you rush you forget certain things or plans do not turn out how you intended.

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