5 Distressed Furniture Pieces You’ll Want In Your Home! March 5, 2015 15:14

Distressed Furniture Gives Your Home an Inviting Feel


Whether your home’s style is shabby chic, country cottage, or contemporary living, distressed furniture pieces will give your abode inviting for you and your guests. Why distressed? Well distressed has a certain look to it. It’s beautiful and it adds character to your home by giving it history, an old age look. Most distressed furniture are wood finishes which makes the furniture look older than it really is. The beauty of this finish is that it adds character to your home, much like antiques do. They add charm to any room which is why it makes a room seem so inviting. Whenever we think distressed we think of warm colors like neutrals and pastels. Take a look at some of our distressed furniture selections for your home!

Birdcage Bookends, Set of 2


Bookends are a great accessory for an office of living room. You can easily add character to your home by adding small accessories like this. Instead of a plain, boring bookend, try something with design that you will be happy to look at. This birdcage bookend comes in a robin’s egg blue, features a topped fleur-de-lis embellishments and would look great on any shelf!

distressed furniture

Barnsley Wall Decor in Distressed Black and Rust


Not all distressed furniture needs to be wood. Metal is also a category in this area. It’s a little harder to find distressed metal, but this wall decor gives you everything you need. This oversized arch frame features hand formed metal scroll work and around it is a wooden frame. This inspiration for the school work and arch shape was inspired by a window panel of the 16th century European nobility.

distressed furniture

Hichcock Distressed Oval Mirror


Mirrors are already a bold statement in any room. They bring in light and add style to your home. This beautiful distressed mirror features an antiqued, natural wood tone finish. It can be hung either vertically or horizontally, whatever your need may be. This distressed furniture piece would really bring a country cottage or rustic style home together.

distressed furniture

Cahors View 1-Light Monkstown Distressed Beige Table Lamp


Nothing is better than having lighting in your home. This lamp here is very well designed and illuminates a room like no other. The Cahors light shows a distressed medium beige finish. This lamp can go with any color of room or even style! It’s a versatile design and it comes in LED lighting as well.

 Distressed furniture

Chest in Heavily Distressed White Finish in Monte White


A big piece of furniture is always recommended for a room. It ties up a room together very well and definitely takes up a lot of space. This distressed chest is beautiful and would go very well in a shabby chic or cottage styled home. It was plenty of storage space for a bedroom, kitchen, or living room. It can really be used in any room. This distressed furniture will bring in a warm charm to your home.

 distressed furniture

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