Make a DIY Dresser With Our Decorative Dresser Knobs February 5, 2015 16:17

Need to Update Your Old Dresser? DIY with our Decorative Dresser Knobs

Buying brand new furniture can sometimes be a bit pricey, so many consumers resort to DIY (do it yourself). It’s always nice when you’re able to decorate your home with a new piece of furniture, but sometimes you might not have the budget for it and are looking for something more affordable. What you can do is redecorate an old piece of furniture you might have around your house. Look at different ideas from Pinterest and I’m sure you”ll find what you’re looking for. After you are done with decorating and painting your new dresser you have to pick decorative dresser knobs or cabinet pulls. Picking these can be a big deal even if you don’t think so. They can make your dresser come together and tie in the style you are going for. There are so many different styles of knobs to choose from. There are different color, sizes, shapes, etc. Also, knobs are not every expensive and you can find what you need at a great price. Take a look at some of our knobs and if you have any questions we are here to help you!

Decorative Dresser Knobs


Decorative dresser knobs Decorative dresser knobs Decorative Dresser Knobs

Here are a few examples of some of the knobs we have on our website. The colors range from polished chrome to brushed oil rubbed bronze.  There are knobs to match the color and style of your brand new DIY dresser. Knobs are very easy to install and already come with a screw. Think of this as you finishing touch! Check out some of the other knobs we offer here.

 Decorative Cabinet Pulls



Decorative Dresser Knobs decorative dresser knobs Decorative dresser knobs

Some dressers require more than just knobs. If your dresser is bigger it might need a cabinet pull. Well you’re in luck because we have a variety of those too! We have cabinet pulls to match your knobs if you want to use knobs and pulls for your dresser. Usually the top of your dresser will use knobs and the bottom drawers will use cabinet pulls. Or if you like cabinet pulls over knobs you can use those for the rest of your dresser. To find cabinet pulls that fit your style, click here.

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