Your Home Renovation Checklist January 28, 2015 15:51

1. Make Yourself A Wish List

Divide your needs and your wants into two columns. When it comes down to making tough decisions, you can go with your priorities over things that can wait.

2. Determine A Budget
Before you meet with anyone, come up with an accurate estimate. So when the time comes to meet with a contractor or architect you know what’s possible.

3. Timing
Make a timeline for your renovation. This way things can be done around your home before major events.

4. Look For A Contractor
Interview different contractors so you can get a feel for who would be better fit for your home renovation. Ask around an ask for experiences people have had, good or bad.

5. Before Signing
Examine the fine print of your contract and make sure everything you want is listed.

6. Finalize Your Household Arrangements
Once you get a start date on your renovation schedule hotel stays and storage space.

7. Keep A Room For Yourself
It might be a little chaotic around your home for awhile. So pick a room you want untouched that will be your oasis.




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