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Find High-Quality But Affordable Light Fixtures With Fratantoni Lifestyles!


Looking for new lighting can be a bit of a hassle. There are so many different styles, colors, sizes. You also may not want to spend to much money on lighting fixtures. You can  shop for more affordable light fixtures that will give you same quality as an expensive one. We have many light fixtures under 200 dollars, if you’re wanting to save a quick buck. There are 3 different styles that you can choose from which are contemporary, modern, and traditional. Depending on what your style may be, we have various options. Shop all of our top brands and browse through our exclusive designs!




affordable light fixturesaffordable light fixturesaffordable lighting fixtures

This style is what we would call clean cut and sleek. Sometimes contemporary means patterns and minimalist designs, but we like to think of it as spacious, strong simple lines and polished glass surfaces. Here we gave a few options of what would look good in your contemporary home. The vesta light on the right is a beautiful royal blue. The Individuality is what defines this exquisite line of hand blown glass. The light in the middle has a polished chrome base that is clean and would like amazing in a contemporary kitchen. The glass on the right light fixture has nostalgic bulbs are on full display inside clear glass globes. You may think these lights are pricey but in reality they are affordable light fixtures!




Affordable light fixtures    affordable light fixtures    affordable light fixtures

The modern style as some of the contemporary style in it. It’s more up to date lighting if you want to stay with today’s trends.  If your style isn’t quite contemporary or traditional this would be the perfect style for you. You can go with classic pendant with an amber glass or you can go with a vintage mini pendant that is sleek and inspired with metal shades and cages. Or you can choose a modern design like the vineyard light mini pendant.  This pendant has a glass shade and metal thats wraps around the shade for a fun design. Sometimes its fun to get our of your comfort zone. Your guests will be complementing your modern light pendants. The best thing about is that didn’t have to spend a lot of money, but they will never know that!



Affordable light fixtures    affordable light fixtures    affordable light fixtures


Traditional lighting brings back the past, but it’s very easy to work with. If you like darker tones and bronze accents this is the style for you. You can find many traditional, affordable light fixtures for a reasonable price. Some people see diamonds and sparkles and think it’s going to cost a fortune. You can find high quality fixtures that will cost you less with Fratantoni Lifestyles. You can add bling and bronze accents together to get a look like the fixture on left. Or go some simple with our Galaena pendant, which is one of our most popular pendants. If you like simple luxury and understated elegance the Briarcliff light fixture is perfect for you. It’ stextured amber scavo glass and carved castings reflect robust design and bold detail.


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