Three Outdoor Decor Ideas For Your Home January 13, 2015 15:17

Looking to Upgrade Your Backyard? Check Out These Outdoor Decor Ideas!


It’s not easy finding the perfect lighting and furniture for the outdoors. We have gathered some options for you if you have no idea where to even begin! It’s important to make sure you get the right lighting so it doesn’t cause any disasters around your home. You also wouldn’t want your new furniture to get ruined by a little rain or too much heat. You have to be sure to get weather proof furniture. We don’t always advise to have lighting outside unless it’s listed as wet locations or under a covered patio. You always have to be careful and make sure you read the descriptions of furniture and lighting. You can always ask a certified customer service rep if you still have any doubts or questions. Check out the three things we think you must have in your backyard to get it started! 

 Outdoor Lighting


outdoor decor outdoor decor outdoor decor

Lighting is definitely a must when it comes to decorating your backyard or around the exterior of your home. Not only does the lighting illuminate your home but it give your home style. There are various types of outdoor lighting, such as, outdoor pendant lighting, lanterns, sconces, or posts. Pendant lighting looks great under a covered patio where you and your family can spend quality time. We have various styles of outdoor lighting specifically for your type of home. Not all lighting is for outdoors, so make sure that the UL listing is for wet locations.

Outdoor Seating


outdoor decor outdoor decor outdoor decor

If you have a patio or just a big backyard you will need some seating around. You can find unique seating on our website. We have anything from benches to stools. It’s hard to have furniture outside because of weather conditions. Just like lighting, you need to make sure your furniture is suited for the outdoors. You do not want your furniture to get ruined by getting rusted. Seating is important when you are trying to have a family dinner and you definitely need it of your guests. An outdoor dining table is a must and adding accent furniture like the ones pictured will definitely add character to your patio or backyard. If you don’t have a patio you may have a gondola or something around those lines that will also need some outdoor decor.

 Outdoor Table Lamps


Outdoor decor outdoor decor outdoor decor

It’s very hard to find lamps for the outdoors, but we have some options here. If you have some accent outdoor tables these would be a great accessory for your backyard. Many people love to accessorize outside their home so a table lamp would be a good idea. Reading outdoors can be calming and a table lamp can give you the perfect lighting for something like that. The good thing about table lamps is that they are diverse, so you can always mix and match and they will still look great anywhere! Again with these lamps, you definitely need to make sure that they are for the outdoors!

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