Bring the Best of the Traditional Look to Your Home! January 8, 2015 15:12

If Your Looking for a New Style for Your Home, Try the Traditional Look


What’s the Look: If you’re not familiar with this term, you’re in the right place. Some people think this look is a little too outdated and clustered, but that’s beside the point. This style brings warmth and comfort to a home. We know everyone likes to stay up to date with different trends and styles. If you want inspiration from the past, this particular style is for you. Every element you choose for your home will feel just right.

Why the Look Works: You may wonder how can people still decorate their homes with this style? Traditional styles are inspired from the  British Colonial revival, 18th century English, 19th century neoclassical and French country. Why would you want to decorate your home this way? Well it brings warmth and welcome and make you feel right at home. The colors are usually enhanced with bronze accents and warm wood tones for an appealing, calming interior.

Why you will love the Look: Not only do you get to use colors like walnut, cheer, mahogany, oak – the dark wood tones. You get to accessorize with crystal chandeliers, candlesticks, inspiring patterns, and exotic rugs. Our interior designers love working with this style. We will show you some of our most popular traditional accessories we have at our store!



traditional look traditional look traditional look traditonal look


Who doesn’t like a little bling? This style lets you complement your home with crystals and bronze accents. Here we have some of our most astonishing pieces. You definitely want to lighten up a room with a chandelier. You can use them in an entry way, living room, or dining room. If you are trying to make a bold statement then you can use  a large chandelier to tie in your look.

 Candle Holders:


traditional look traditional look traditional look traditional look


Candle holders are a must have accessory around your home. Try and aim for candle holders that look antique with gold and bronze accent tones. The four candle holders shown here are the perfect example for this specific look. Also, remember not all your accessories around your home have to match. Add some vases, flowers, and picture frames as well to really accessorize a room.

  Exotic Rugs:


traditional look traditional look traditional look traditional look


Rugs are used to fill an empty space in a room. You want to have big, exotic rugs in a dining or living room.  An oriental rug never goes out of style and ties in perfectly with a traditional look. Rugs work in almost any room. Maybe you don’t want to cover up the beautiful and expensive flooring you just put in. Rugs have a great way of blending into a background,  yet their presence is always noticeable.  You don’t always have to use big rugs. Try incorporating some smaller rugs around your house to give it some extra warmth.

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