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2015 is Your Year!  Style Your Home With This Year’s Color Selections


As the new year approaches many of us are thinking it’s time for a new look. Not only for ourselves, but for our home. New trends come and go and we all want to stay in the loop. We’ve gathered some color picks for the new year.  This year’s selections are very vibrant. You have your corals which are the boldest of the bunch. The blues are very saturated, and then you have the green. Don’t think bright green and think along the lines of a soft, mellow, neutral yellowish green. We will give you ideas on how these colors can be incorporated in your home. 2015 is the year to get your home up-to-date and definitely to make your guests wished they lived there!

Color Selections – Corals


color selections  color selections  color selections

If you are looking for a color more soft and soothing, coral is not it. Coral is a bright, vibrant, and bold color. Sometimes coral can be a tricky hue to work with, but it definitely has a vivacious feel to it. Use it as accents, but don’t overload a room with this color. It could be a little to overwhelming. Maybe try painting one wall for a room coral and add accents here and there. If you a fan of bright and fun, this is a color for you.

Color Selections – Blues


color selections  color selections  color selections

Who doesn’t enjoy different shades of blue. If you’re into the cooler end of the spectrum, this would be the perfect hue for you. Blues are easier to match with a different color, such as bronze, gold, silver. If you wanted to decorate with some bronze accents, add a nice blue backdrop to go along with it. Here are also some royal blue and indigo tints for you. Sometimes a really bold color like this can be easier to use as decorations instead of a large scale. Either way you use it, it’ll be the perfect color selection for you newly decorated home.

Colors Selections – Greens


color selectionscolor selectionscolor selections

One of the color selections for the new year was a tint of green. Sometimes green can be tricky because some shades of it aren’t very flattering. This is why you should stick to neutrals. Greens remind us of nature and freshness and that’s why it should be one of the colors for your home. It gives us some emerging optimism for the new year. Not gonna lie, some people will hate it and some people will love it. It all depends on how you use it. This color could also be used as a backdrop to use with more dramatic accent colors. Or simply pair this color up with a crisp white backdrop. As you can see in the far right picture, a great color to coordinate this with is a blue. It flows together smoothly, so never be afraid to mix up colors together!

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