How to Design the Perfect Guest Room December 24, 2014 10:56

It seems that, all too often, the guest bedroom is a hodge-podge of discarded home decor items from years ago  as well as a makeshift storage room.  Even if you only have house guests a few times each year, designing a beautiful guest room is as important as the time and attention you put into decorating the rest of your home.  Your guest room is, after all, an extension of your home’s overall decor and the last thing you want to do is invite your family or friends into your home and stick them in an ugly mismatched room.  It does not exactly say “welcome to my home.”  A beautiful guest room can be achieved on virtually any budget and below we will discuss the steps to designing your perfect guest room.

  1. Linens
    • Whether you have a beautiful full bedroom set in a spacious room or a pullout couch in a small room, linens are important. Do not use a linen set that you have pieced together over the years from various different sets.  Nice linens will make all the difference and make your guests feel like they are staying in a 4 star hotel rather than a cheap motel.  Invest in a nice set of linens and they will last you years since they will be used less frequently.  Not only will they look beautiful but they will make your guests feel like you have gone that extra mile to give them a nice stay.  Also, do not forget towels.  Nobody wants worn out old towels that have lost their luster.  Purchase a nice set of soft towels that match for your guest bathroom.  Your guests will appreciate it and they will also look nice.
  2. Somewhere to Put Clothes & Luggage
    • Whether it is a closet with hangers to hang their clothing or a dresser with empty drawers, give your guests somewhere to put their clothes. Nobody likes to leave their suitcase on the floor and have to hunch over to get a pair of socks from the ground. If you have the room, provide a table, stool or bench where they can place their suitcase and ensure your guests have somewhere to unpack their things and make themselves at home.
  3. Somewhere to Sit
    • Even some of the smallest rooms have space for a chair. Whether it is a small chair, an arm chair or a small sofa, give your guests a place to sit down when they take off their shoes or a place to sit comfortably and read a book.  If you have the room, a small desk is a nice addition as well.  These days, most people travel with their laptop or tablet and often have to do some work, even while on vacation.  A nice, quiet place to sit down and return emails is always a welcome touch to a guest room.
  4. Decorate
    • Just because it is a room that you will not spend much time in does not mean it shouldn’t look beautiful for your guests. Hang some art on the wall, put some decorative accents around the room and make it feel like a place someone would actually like to spend some time.  If there is room in the budget, add a small television for when your guests need to relax.  A sparse room with blank walls is uninviting but with a few small additions you will look like you have taken the time to care about where your guests will stay.
  5. Go the Extra Mile
    • When you stay at a hotel, having things like a bar of soap and some extra shampoo feels like a special luxurious treat. If you have traveled, you probably have some leftover hotel size shampoos, conditioners and lotions.  Or, if you head to the store, most have travel sections where you can purchase small toiletries for a very minimal expense.  Put some travel toiletries in a nice basket with fresh towels in your guest’s bathroom.  Place a small note with a greeting or special message, or simply write “Welcome!” and your guests will get the luxury hotel experience right in your home.  If you really want to impress, place a small basket with a few snacks or treats in their room and really make your guests feel special.  Granola bars, a package of nuts, a candy bar or a small box of chocolates adds the special flair to your guest room that will show you have gone the extra mile.

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