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Accessorize Your Home With Our Exceptional Clocks For Every Type of Room!


Clocks are very easy to decorate with. For one, they tell time. Two, they can cover up a bare wall and beautify a room. We have a plethora of clocks to choose from for every type of room. Some clocks are fancier than others for places like your living room, dinning room, or entry room. Others you can use for your office or a game room. If your style is traditional we have a clock for that! If your style is contemporary, we have a clock for that too! If you can’t find a nice wall painting to decorate a wall, a clock should definitely be at the top of your list! Take a look at some of our exceptional clocks at an affordable price that will not disappoint you.

De Louvre White Wall Clock


Exceptional Clocks


The De Louvre White Wall Clock can be used in a kitchen! If your type of style is rustic, then this is the mirror for you. This beautiful mirror features aged ivory with rust black undertones. If you love Paris, bring Paris  to your kitchen with Hotel De Louvre details. You will love this mirror in your home, it is one of our favorite decor accessories.

Delevan 32″ Metal Wall Clock


Exceptional Clocks


The Delevan Wall Clock is one of our customer favorites. This clock features an open design with a metal finish. This clock can go in almost any room. We recommend an entry room, you want your guests to compliment on your home from the moment they walk in. Or this mirror would look great in any bedroom. Right when you wake up, you can look at the time of day and at something exceptional at the same time!The Develan is a contemporary clock and comes in an antiqued silver leaf finish. This clock will not disappoint you!

 Regency Villa Tesio 23″ Red Wall Clock


Exceptional Clocks


The Regency Villa clock is one of a kind. If your home is more of a traditional look this would be your clock. This mirror would look great in a living room or dining room. This mirror laminated clock face with cast brass details and internal pendulum. You can always cordite the rest of your home decor with this clock.The Regency would look amazing in a white or black kitchen, especially if your kitchen is open and you can see your dining room.

Vintage License Plates 29″ Wall Clock

Exceptional Clocks


You also get to have some fun with clocks. This is the perfect clock for a game room! This colorful clock face consists of vintage pictures of old license plates with rustic bronze details. Game rooms are usually colorful and quirky! it can also be a great fit for an office or a car collectible room. There is so much you can do with just this clock that will give any room unique style!

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