3 Mirror Types That Add Style To Your Home December 17, 2014 14:01

3 Mirror Types That Will Add Style, But Also Lighten Up A Room!


Mirrors represent the style of your home. They come in various shapes and sizes. The 3 mirror types that are most common are traditional/modern, rustic, and contemporary. How you decorate your home is how you choose the style of mirror to coordinate with. Mirrors bring in beauty to your home and they can also lighten up any room. They aren’t only there for you to see your reflection. A great thing about decorating with mirrors is that they are versatile accessories and can placed anywhere around your home, such as, above a fireplace mantel, dresser, headboard, etc. Just imagine, you walk into  your powder bath and want to freshen up and you see your reflection in such a beautifying mirror. It will make your experience that much better! Overall, decorating with mirrors can bring so much to your home and they create new dimensions in space. 

Traditional Mirrors


3 mirror types 3 mirror types 3 mirror types

Traditional mirrors are elegant and have very unique designs. They are of fine quality and lovely finishes. All three of these mirrors have a different look, but are all traditional. The mirror on the left has an oranate hand forged metal frame and an antiqued golden champagne leaf finish. This mirror would look great in a traditional powder bath. The Andretta is the mirror in the center. The mirror is frameless, but has decorate corner ornaments in antiqued brushed silver to bring you a traditional look. On the right you have the perfect mirror for a vanity right when you walk into your home. Place the mirror above a decorated console table and you have a ravishing door entry. This mirror has a unique curved design and incorporates traditional very well.

Rustic Mirrors


2 mirror types 3 mirror types3 mirror types

A rustic look brings the countryside and outdoors into your home. When thinking about rustic decor, try and incorporate the colors you would see in nature. Wood browns, tans, and greens give your home a warm and cozy atmosphere. You should choose mirrors that give off a natural antique look, like the ones pictured above. Even though the look is “rustic”,  you can still show off an elegance in your home. The mirror pictured on the left has a wood flowing leaf pattern with burnt red undertones. The mirror in the center has a brown finish with rust and black undertones. On the left, you have a rustic bronze finish with copper undertones. This mirror contains a design that is to die for!

 Contemporary Mirrors


3 mirror types 3 mirror types 3 mirror types

A contemporary decorating style bring you to the modern day. If you want to decorate your home with a contemporary style, you are bringing in comfort and leaving the clutter and darkness behind. Most people use this style in offices, lofts, and homes. When we think contemporary, clean and sophisticated are two words that come to mind. The decor is smooth and geometric, which brings us to contemporary mirrors. These mirrors are usually of one color like black, white, silver, and neutrals. In contemporary design, less is more which means your mirrors don’t need to be too busy. A simple silver finish is all you need! The mirror to your left is unique with its hand forged metal design. The mirror in the center has a soft sheen aluminum over wood. The mirror to the right has beveled, polished edges for a smooth, clean finish which is the definition of contemporary.

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