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Check Out Our Beach House Decor Ideas That are Easy to Pull Together!


When it comes to decorating your beach house, you think sun, sand, and surf. Here at Fratantoni Lifestyles we have a great amount of beach house decor ideas to get you started. We’ve noticed that many families have a beach house as a second home and mostly use it when vacationing. Maybe you spend the holidays at your beach house or just simply use it as a time for relaxation. No matter what it’s for decorating a beach house can be fun and can really put life into a home. We’ve picked out some of our favorite items that are easy to pull together to create the perfect beach house look. Some colors that came to mind when we think beach house are aqua, turquoise, orange, white and navy blue. Also, wood always come to mind and it’s very easy to tie in wood with any color!

Beach House Decor Ideas – Lamps


Beach House decor ideasBeach House Decor ideas

In a beach house, it’s likely that your decor will have quite a few seashells. A great way to tie them into your decor are with table lamps. You don’t always have to use one style of lamp, you can always mix and match. Here we have two different styles that will great around your beach house. The table lamp to the left has little seashells inside that give great detail and on the right you have the perfect shade of blue to give your home a sense of the ocean.

Beach House Decor Ideas – Accessories


 Beach House Decor ideasBeach house Decor ideas

Accessorizing a home is always a fun concept. When you accessorize your beach house you need to think about things you can find around an ocean, or what comes in mind when you think “beach”. Like we mentioned before seashells will definitely be one of your accessories. Also, plants, anchors, boats, fish, etc can be a great fit for your beach house decor ideas!

Beach House Decor Ideas – Lighting


 Beach House Decor ideasBeach House Decor ideas

We believe lighting is a very significant asset to your home. Lighting illuminates your home and really brings it the perfect ambiance. There are different types of lighting that can bring character to your home. You can be traditional,contemporary, or rustic. You can also get very creative with lighting, for example, the fixture shown on the left has a weave around the class that reminds us of a net when your fishing. Right? The fixture on the right has a traditional look to it, but it ties in with the beach house theme because of the cappa shell complements.

Beach House Decor Ideas – Storage and Seating


Beach house decor ideasBeach house decor ideas

Like we mentioned, wood can be an easy way to really pull your beach house together. The ottoman on the left has a stylized burst of natural fir wood and would great with a beach house theme. It is perfect seating for a living room or bedroom. You should always have some type of storage in your beach house for decor. On the right, we featured a wood shelf that can be used for home accessories, family portraits, or maybe even a food pantry if you don’t already have one in your kitchen.

Beach House Decor Ideas – Wall Decor


Beach house decor ideasbeach house decor ideas

You must always have wall decor in any type of home. Nobody likes bare and boring walls. Adding wall decor brings lives to your home and you will always make your guests feel welcomed. We have our Blue Angel Ocean Art painting that is perfect for a beach house theme! Mirrors can be used in every room of your home. They are used to reflect light and create new dimensions in a space. The mirrors around your home don’t have to match. We have several of beautiful mirrors that fit this theme excellently.

Beach House Decor Ideas – Tables


beach house decor ideasbeach house decor ideas

Accent tables are also used for decoration around your home. You can place your table lamps on them, accessories, and plants. The table on the left is a great color for your beach house. Always try to incorporate blues and greens. It will give you a sense of the ocean and what’s a beach with the ocean? Accent tables come in all different styles, so be creative! Like we said, you don’t always have to match!

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