A Guide To Decorating Your Daughter’s Dream Bedroom November 4, 2014 11:24

Decorating a Dream Bedroom That Your Daughter Will Fall In Love With.

Decorating your daughter’s room can be enjoyable! This is a place where your daughter will spend most of her time and use as personal space. Depending on how old your daughter is there are plenty of options for different age groups! Take a look at some of the things we think your daughter’s bedroom needs.

#1 Seating


 Manhattan Chair

Seating is important in your daughter’s room because she will always have friends come over to hang out/play. Chairs, benches, sofas, anything will work! You can always add some fun pieces depending on you daughter’s taste and theme of her room.

#2 Mirrors


TalidaGirls love looking at themselves in the mirror, so make sure you hang plenty of them up in their room. Mirrors come in handy when getting ready for school or playing dress up, depending on her age. Match them with the theme or color of her room.

#3 Accessories


Mirrored ChestGirls love seeing pretty things. They will love diamond and shiny accessories in their room, deepening on what they like, of course! Accessories include, toy chests, dolls, jewelry boxes, posters, and more!

#4 Chests/Drawers


Butterfield ChestYou will definitely need some drawers. Girls tend to throw toys and clothes around and definitely need space for various things. Drawers will help her stay organized and give her room a great touch.

#5 Rugs


Zell RugRugs add a decorative touch to your daughter’s room. You can coordinate this item with theme and colors of your her room. Choosing the right rug will make your daughter’s room look amazing!

#6 Chandeliers/Lighting



Who wouldn’t want a shiny chandelier hanging down from their ceiling? There are many types of chandeliers for any style of room. Lighting is important for your daughter to be able to play, get dressed, etc. So make sure you add plenty of lighting and you’ll be sure to have your daughter’s dream bedroom!

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