5 Modern Furniture & Lighting Trends For A Master Bedroom October 23, 2014 20:47

 Modern Furniture/Lighting That Will Create A Master Bedroom Worth Sleeping In

Looking to spice up your master bedroom? Your dreams don’t only have to be in your sleep with these ideas. Check out our 5 different ideas to change how you look at your master bedroom!




Modern Furniture Modern Furniture

Adding big mirrors above your nightstands will make your room appear larger. Mirrors can also add an extra decorative touch to your room.


Lighting Fixtures


Modern Lighting

Modern Lighting Modern Lighting

Using decorative lighting fixtures can really make a room pop. You can use wall sconces next to your bed for extra reading light. These lights create a soft tone and can really highlight architectural designs. Complement your bedroom by using a wall sconce that matches your style.




 Modern Lighting Modern Lighting

 Deciding what type of lighting to hang above your bed can be a difficult decision. You can use fans, pendants, flush mounts, or chandeliers. Chandelier lighting fixtures can change the lighting in the bedroom while also adding décor. You get the best of both worlds. When picking the perfect chandelier lighting fixture you need to measure your room to determine the height and diameter of the chandelier you need to use. There are so many different styles of chandeliers; you will have plenty of options!




 Modern Furniture Modern Furniture

 The purpose of the chair is pretty self- explanatory: it makes a statement. Whether it’s a traditional bedroom or modern, there will always be a unique chair that brings life into a dull space. The chairs can used as extra seating for guests or just to simply match your exquisite taste.




Modern Furniture Modern Furniture

With a rug you can give bare floors a decorative touch. Rugs can make a bold statement. You can either have an area rug in front of your bed or under your bed. You definitely want some floor showing; don’t cover the entire floor area with a rug. If your room needs a pop of color or hint of texture, consider using a rug to fulfill the missing piece!

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