3 Luxury Lighting Fixtures For Your Kitchen October 23, 2014 15:11

The Best Luxury Lighting Fixtures For Your Kitchen

Deciding the type of lighting you want for your kitchen is significant. Many people feel that your kitchen is the heart of your home and where your family spends most of your together. To make sure it’s impeccable you’re going to need some bright, chic lighting. You can have as many fixtures as you want, but deciding where to hang them is the dilemma.


Kitchen Island Lighting


luxury lighting fixtures  luxury lighting fixtures

You can always hang a 3 light kitchen island fixture above your island. They always come with an elegant design depending on the style of your kitchen, of course. You can choose luxury lighting fixtures that complement your traditional, modern, or contemporary style. These types of light fixtures are easier to hang and you don’t really have to worry about the measurements that come with pendant lighting. You need to make sure that they light up the middle of your island and that they are the perfect size for your island. You must measure the height from the island to the ceiling as well as the island itself to make sure the light fixture isn’t too big or too small.


Pendant Lighting


luxury lighting fixtures  luxury lighting fixtures

Pendant lighting is fun but can also add classiness to a kitchen depending on the style. The awesome thing about using these fixtures is that you can hang them at different lengths or the same length. With these you need to be careful with measurements between each pendant. Pendants are also affordable light fixtures and can make your kitchen looks astonishing.




 luxury lighting fixtures  Luxury Lighting Fixtures

Chandeliers can be used on an island, breakfast nook, or a dining table. Chandeliers give a dining room a great touch. Since most chandelier lighting fixtures are rounded and immense they would be perfect above a table to give plenty of lighting. They are great for décor and give any room a hint of refinement.

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