How to Achieve a Neutral Color Pallet October 21, 2015 15:33

The trend for interiors this year has been all about simplicity and clean lines,one way that is being achieved is through a neutral color pallet. Of course, there is always room for pops of color in your life, but there are a lot of good reasons to stick with a neural color scheme for your interior. A calm, neutral backdrop allows you to bring out some pretty bold elements into your design in addition to creating a welcoming interior.

The trick with choosing a neutral color pallet is to not over decorate with the same color. Make sure to mix your neutrals. There is a neutral tone to every color so  "neutral" does not necessarily mean beige or brown. One of our favorite pieces to incorporate in this color scheme is the Alva Armless Chair which is simple and modern with a Danish oak finish with welted Linen covering in pewter. This chair, as well as adding black or almost-black, to your space will add sophistication to the space.  Use a combination of interesting materials and surfaces like rope and linen on our Wrapped Table Lamp to add complexity to your space. An easy way to do this is by including elements from nature, but be sure to choose natural elements that incorporate your style and connect you to your interiors. Bringing wood into your interiors is one of the easiest and warmest of natural materials and comes in a variety of finishes, species and applications. We recommend the Avner Wooden Cube because it offers invaluable storage and style in an elegantly casual, waxed wood finish.  

In order to make sure that your space doesn't bore the eye, be sure to incorporate pattern. Even subtle patterns make the world of difference and adds interest to the space. Our Omar Rug is the perfect balance of pattern as well as mixing up neutrals and could be that perfect piece to tie everything together. Removing color from the equation brings shape to the foreground. If patterns scare you try to use beautiful and interesting shapes such as thAniya Glass Top Console Table.  

Decorating entirely in neutral colors can create a space that is soothing, sophisticated and warm if it is done well. A lot of people are afraid to use color, worried that they will get it wrong, so they end up with all neutral colors by default. It takes more than a lack of colors to create a successfully executed neutral color palette and hopefully these tips will help you to avoid creating a sea of beige.